About Me:

Originally from Austin, Tx.  As a child I knew exactly what I wanted to do: I wanted to be a cartoonist. Or a lawyer. Or an actor. Eventually I chose actor, although if you want to check out my cartoons let me know when your birthday is and I'll send you a cartoon birthday card. When people ask me why I chose to be an actor, I tell them I wasn't cast in our fifth grade production of "We Hazz Jazz" and it's been a lifelong quest for revenge. 

Truth be told, I think I like acting because it's like doing a really cool magic trick. You get to take people out of their daily lives and entertain them, enlighten them, challenge them. You get to be another person and there are few professions where that is not frowned upon. I've been fortunate enough to study with some great teachers, attaining my BFA in Acting from Rutgers University as well as getting to study and perform at Shakespeare's Globe in London, UK. 

Now I am an NYC actor who gets to travel all over doing shows. In my spare time, I work with my own company, Lost and Found, to do super cool found space shows revolving around Shakespeare and adaptations of classic works. We recently produced the comedy web series, “A Day Late & Ten Pounds Overweight” now live on YouTube! Feel free to browse around my site and stop by again anytime to see where my latest adventures are happening.  If you have any questions, please e-mail me at:   ryanmichaelneely@gmail.com

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